Better Calm

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Better Calm contains a clinically-proven combination of herbal extract, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that calms neurotransmitters and quiets the background to keep your mind and body relaxed.


Magnesium - physical calm

GABA - mental calm

L-Theanine - alertness

5-HTP - balance

Glycine - mitigates anxiety

Holy Basil - mental endurance


Magnesium regulates GABA

5-HTP + GABA - promotes relaxation

5-HTP + L-Theanine - balances mood

GABA + L-Theanine - reduces stress

Magnesium + 5-HTP - increases utilization

Ashwagandha activates GABA


💊 Chill pill

💊💊 Tranquil territory 

💊💊💊 Zen zone


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"Better Calm got me through 2020 and election day, need I say more?" - Robert B