We’re parents, siblings, athletes and business owners, who just like you, wanted a simpler way to get more done in our day.

The problem? Life happens.

Meetings, kids, exercise, social gatherings - there is plenty to keep us mentally and physically off our game. We needed a healthy way to stay on track and achieve our goals.

We tried different supplements, over the counter drugs and drinks that claim to improve our energy, mental performance, sleep, or enhance our mood. But one quick search online left us confused instead of confident.

With labels that read like novels and dosing that required you to adjust your schedule, supplements needed to be simplified.

We Created The Solution.

That's why we created Synergic Supplements. To give people easier access to natural supplements that let the brain and body work together safely and effectively when they need it. We partnered with an Olympic athlete and prominent physician who specializes in clinical neuroscience and metabolic medicine to create Synergic Supplements.

Our products help today’s modern professionals, weekend warriors, on-the-go parents, athletes, and everyone in between attack each day as the best version of themselves.

Our story started because there wasn’t a simple way to go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up ready to do it all over again, but now there is.

Welcome to Synergic.