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Our cocktails equip you for life, better. Combat anxiety and feel energized, be the most focused you can, or sleep like a baby.


I used to give myself pep talks to get through the daily grind - "Okay, get up and fold the laundry" or "take a few minutes to do the dishes." Once I took Better Focus, I just did things automatically. No more pep talk, it's great!

Jamie, 42, Speech and Language Pathologist

I took Better Focus while on a big family vacation because I was in a complete brain fog and felt like I couldn't even remember my own name. After two capsules, I could think more clearly and quickly felt more alert. It's amazing and I always keep a bottle with me.

Jason, 45, Nurse Practitioner

I struggled staying up for hours after getting into bed; now I take two Better Calm capsules an hour before bed and two Better Sleep and I'm asleep within thirty minutes.

Marisa, 34, Account Manager

Better Energy has replaced my large morning coffee without the afternoon crash. But my lifesaver has been Better Focus while studying for nursing school; it has replaced my prescription ADHD medications!

Nicole, 28, College Student

I am an athlete playing at a high level of junior hockey and always have had issues overthinking the small stuff. As soon as I tried Synergic all of those issues went away. I feel more dialed in and my mind never wanders like it used to during the game. Before every game I take one Better Focus, one Better Energy, and one Better Calm, and I love it. This truly is a miracle product.

Cooper, 19, Competitive Athlete


At Synergic, we use specially selected nutrients, amino acids, nootropics, and adaptogens to create a harmonized mind and body. Our components work interdependently making each ingredient the most effective they can be for whole body and mind wellness.