Gifting Pitch

Self care is either at the top of your priorities, or it should be, and that goes for everyone around us. Imagine being able to give self care in a bottle. An all natural blend of aminos, adaptogens, nootropics, and vitamins that actually does the thing the label says. Synergic targets four functional needs with its products: Better Calm, Better Focus, Better Energy, and Better Sleep, and it’s the science that delivers exactly those feels. These doctor-designed “Balancers” are called such because they actually trigger shifts in brain chemistry to balance your underlying systems rather than cover them up. We suggest gifting these to yourself and literally everyone you know, because who doesn’t need help in one or all four of those categories. Imagine giving a gift that changes a life forever. It’s the closest thing we’ve found to a magic pill, plus it’s vegan and made in the USA without unnecessary fillers. What more could you ask for? Oh also, cheat sheet (off the record) - Better Calm: Natural Xanax that you can take as needed, Better Focus: Natural Adderall without the comedown, Better Energy: the best cup of coffee you've ever had without jitters or a crash, and Better Sleep: Natural Lunesta without the hangover. Be the best gift giver and change some lives!



Parent Pitch

It’s been wild, you’ve survived, now time to take care of yourself without taking away from those around you. Let’s be honest, pandemic or not, parenting is the wildest ride. Imagine, if you will, pills that can help you focus; calm down; give you happy, even, energy; or help you sleep soundly through the night (or at least be able to get back to sleep after the kids wake you up). It’s like a magic pill, except it’s real. From Synergic, comes four all natural that target functional needs and actually do what the label says. Those labels say Better Focus, Better Calm, Better Energy, and Better Sleep. They are made in the USA, rigorously tested, and vegan too. Our blends of aminos, adaptogens, nootropics, and vitamins work with your body to balance underlying neurochemistry, rather than piling chemicals on top of the issues. Our doctor-designed blends have been compared to Adderall, Xanax, Red Bull, and sleeping pills, but the best version of all of them, without unwanted side effects.



Travel Pitch

Traveling for work and pleasure has always had its drawbacks, but now we have a pill for that. Our four unique blends target functional needs that always can use a little help, but are especially needed on the road. As we're hitting the streets again, our internal systems could use some support, and Synergic is perfect for helping. Synergic's Balancers are made to adjust underlying neurochemistry and that is exactly why they are called that. Made of aminos, vitamins, nootropics, and adaptogens, they are all natural and made in the USA. We love that these products actually do what they say. Flying stresses some people out, but airports are a stress test for all people, we have a pill for that - Better Calm. Better Sleep kickstarts your jet lag domination, and Better Energy jumpstarts your next day without jitters or a come down. If you're traveling for work, your super star is Better Focus, you can get it all done, anywhere!