Synergic Spotlight: Ruben Vela

S: Hi, can you introduce yourself and what you do?

RV: My name is Ruben - I work as an actor here in LA, I dj one the side for the dance community, and I work from home as an entrepreneur in product development.

S: Tell me why these folks should continue reading?

RV: I'm not a doctor but I play one o TV. I found Synergic luckily by randomly scrolling on FB and their products have helped me tremendously. 

S: What does balance mean to you?

RV: Being or having balance helps me have the ability to live a healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically, as best as I can and as stress free as possible.

S: What does balance mean to your industry?

RV: Each industry is filled with craziness and challenges that can take a whole sh**-load of energy and focus just to navigate. Whether it's preparing for auditions, making playlists for the next event, or creating solutions for consumers, I always try to have a full tank of energy and a clear path ahead to focus on these tasks and get great results

Balance within the industries I work is crucial. Without it and with so many people working together on the same projects would just be chaos..

Workplace balance helps to keep us all working together without going crazy!  

S: How do you find balance in your personal life?

RV: I create balance my personal life by staying as healthy as possible through eating and exercising, being conscious (as best as I can) of how I treat my family and friends, and doing my best to understand my downfalls and work on and through them either through meditating or self-reflecting.

S: Have our Balancers helped to create balance, and in what way?

RV: Yes, your Balancers have helped me to relax or slow down my overactive mind and have helped me with acceptance issues. They also help me to finish projects that would have otherwise fallen by the wayside.

S: What is your favorite Balancer and what does it do for you?

RV: My favorite Balancer is Better Focus. I love this Balancer!!! It has helped me tackle the many ideas I have swimming around in my head one at a time… and without feeling bad about not doing them all at the same time. 

My biggest issue is that I have too much going on in my little brain. And this is very overwhelming for me, to the point where I sometimes do absolutely nothing although I have so much to do or that I want to do. Ya, a huge buzz kill for me.

Better Focus has been an extreme help and life changing in my daily routine. I can actually see clearly when I’m using Better Focus. I can do things!!! I am very thankful to have found Synergic Balancers so much so that I’m working on being a part of the Synergic family and their accounts team.

S: What would you recommend for people looking to find balance in their own life?

RV: My recommendation is for people to be open to alternative ways of finding balance, be as conscious as possible, take time to self-reflect, don’t rush, and don’t be afraid of trying and putting your trust into healthy supplements, vitamins or Balancers. 

S: If you could give the world one pro tip or life hack what would it be?

RV: Keep an open mind and don’t let any fear determine your actions. Also, understand your own panic and how to notice it, control it, and work through it safely – it may just help you in ways you don’t even realize. (Better Calm is ideal for moments like this)

Ok.. it’s more than one, but I couldn’t help it.