Synergic Spotlight: Better Health with Beth

Welcome to our new content series - Synergic Spotlight! This is where we shine a light on the incredible members of our Synergic Fam. Welcome to Spotlight number one! Numero uno! You're in early. Today we talk with Beth Moser Chang - a Health Coach, mother, and photographer! We sat down to learn more about what makes her tick, borrow some of her wisdom, and learn how she uses our blends!synergic spotlight better health with beth beth moser chang

Tell me why these folks should continue reading?
I am an empath or HSP (high sensitive person) and with that comes a lot of anxiety. It also means I have a helper's heart. Combining the two can be both rewarding and exhausting. I have learn ways in my life to combat the negative aspects of that. I also chose a long time ago, to not medicate myself and have found balance through eating real food, leading an alcohol free life and movement that brings me Joy and keeps me balanced. By going through this my entire life it made me want to share and give to others so that is why I became a Certified Health Coach. 

What does balance mean to you?
Balance to me means I am taking care of myself first so that I am present for the rest of the world. I can give more that way. 

How do you find balance in your personal life?
Eating well, tennis, reading a good book, learning something new, volunteering in my community 

Have our Balancers helped to create balance, and in what way?
Yes, absolutely. On days that are hard because lets be serious eating well and living an alcohol free life and mix in an exhausting day sometimes you just need a chill pill. A legal one. That is why I am so glad I found your Calm blend. I sit down at night with a glass of tea and take the calm pill and it is like herbal Xanax. I am good to go, and I love that I don't wake up in the morning feeling groggy. I was using CBD oil from time to time before I found your Calm pills and now I don't even bother with the CBD oil. 

What would you recommend for people looking to find balance in their own life? 
Eat well, drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water, move everyday, and give back somehow a couple times a month at least. 

If you could give the world one pro tip or life hack what would it be?
Drink water and have patience, take small steps towards your goals and they will happen. 
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